Learn about the most recent national scams from the links below. Including the Corona-virus stimulus payment scams, the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information web site, and Senior Living. These are all good resources and the Austin County Sheriff’s Office will list local Scams as we become aware of them.

Corona-virus stimulus payment scams

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information

Senior Living

Social Security

Avoiding common concrete driveway scams

The “name dropper” and the “I have extra (concrete)” are two of the most popular concrete scams. If you did not call someone to quote a repair on your drive way do not give them money.

The name dropper appears at your door one afternoon and tells you that Dave from next door and Bobby down the street both hired him to repair their driveways, and he can offer you a great deal if you agree on the spot. Never agree. Chances are he simply introduced himself to your neighbors, who politely provided their names and then turned him down.

Offer to call your neighbors to confirm, and the “name dropper” will quickly leave.

The “I have extra” contractor drives by your house when you’re outside in the yard, stops, then tells you that he’s just finished a job in the area and has extra cement left over.

So long as you can pay right now and in cash, he’s willing to help you out with a great price. Politely decline and walk way. Any contractor carrying around “extra” isn’t doing anything of the kind; he’ll likely take your money, do a shoddy job and then disappear.