Live Stock Estrays

Livestock Officer
Deputy Duron

The mission of the Austin County Sheriff’s Office Estray Officers is to protect all livestock from harm, theft or from roaming at large. We will enforce all applicable laws to safeguard the welfare of the public and the livestock. On 5th of May 1999 Austin County Commissioner Court unanimously carried its order that the special election held that year on the 1st of May be accepted. Sec. 143.102 Running at large on highway is prohibited.

State of Texas and the Texas Agriculture Code. The Texas Agriculture code deems “Estray” as stray livestock, stray exotic livestock, or stray exotic fowl. Loose livestock or Estrays are a major concern in Austin County. The estray problem creates a danger of property damage and even death on our roadways. With the continual growth in population and more cars on the roadways the problem continues to grow. The Texas Legislature has assigned the duties to the Sheriff of each county to deal with the problem.