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 Sheriff Jack W. Brandes 


"To serve and protect the citizens of Austin County and the great State of Texas and to preserve and protect the

Constitution of the United States of America, especially the Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms."


Our Mission

“The Austin County Sheriff's Office will provide professional, high quality and effective service to the community through the enforcement of laws, prevention of crime, protection of life, property and the maintenance of public order in public places, with the utmost regard for the constitutional rights of all.  We will meet the present and future needs of the public through a continued partnership with the community."



We have a new section under the Public Information Tab.  It details scams that are going on in, or near, our area. Please check it, and be sure to look out for seniors in your

neighborhood who may not be aware of these scams being done by travelling con artists.




As of October 1, 2009, the Austin County Sheriff's Office will begin posting Notices of Estray on this web-site.

Under Chapter 4, Title 121, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas 1925, impounded livestock will be sold at public auction on the date posted on the Notices Of Estray, which are published on this web site.   If you have, or know someone who may be missing livestock, please check the ESTRAY page weekly.  No other notice will be published.


The Austin County 911 District provides access to anyone, of our County Map by clicking on the following link:


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Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in employment with the Austin County Sheriff's Office, call our office.  Openings are available from time to time, and all applications are kept on file for six months.

TCOLE Licensed Peace Officers are employed as Patrol Deputies and Jail Deputies.  Civilians are employed in the Jail and Communications.


We have openings for Patrol Deputies, Jailers, and Dispatchers as of October 18, 2018




 Employment Applications available at the SO in Bellville or by clicking here.

(Do not use the employment application on the Austin County web-site)



For Sex Offender information, click on the "Public Information" links on this page

Contact Information

 Emergency - 911

Sheriff's Office  - 979-865-3111                  Fax: 979-865-8271 
Jail - 979-865-5321              Jail Fax:  979-865-0820
Postal address

417 N. Chesley St., Bellville, TX 77418

Electronic mail     


18 October 2018