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Training For Peace Officers


The Austin County Sheriff's Office is a contract training provider licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLE).  We conduct accredited training classes on a regular basis, both for our Deputies and any other licensed Peace Officers.

Class Schedules will be posted here as issued, along with the class rules.

If anyone has questions about classes, contact our Training Coordinator, Sgt. Nathan Hale, at 979-865-3111, or by email at


Austin County Sheriff’s Office

Training Rules


·         Admittance to classes requires employment by a Law Enforcement agency.


·         All personnel attending classes will dress appropriately.

o    No – sandals, T-shirts, shorts, or other leisure wear allowed.  Dress as you would  for a business environment.

o    Firearms may be worn in a proper holster with badge or ID displayed.


·         Treat others as you would want to be treated.


·         Show respect to your classmates, your instructor and yourself.

o    No off-color, racial or other offensive jokes or sexual references will be permitted.


·         All cell phones will be turned off during class.  No text messaging.


·         Class Attendance – Only 5% of the class time may be excused.  If you have to be gone more than that, you will be withdrawn from the class.


·         Class Grading is according to the lesson plan set forth by the instructor.  Some classes may be pass/fail, while others require a passing grade.  This will be outlined prior to the start of the class.


·         The use of tobacco products is restricted to 18 feet from the doorway. Use the provided ashtrays for disposal.  No tobacco products shall be used in the classroom.


·         We are all guests in this room. Be courteous of others who use this room, and make sure it’s clean when you leave. You drop it, you pick it up. You spill it, you clean it up

o    Food and drinks are not allowed at the computers. Remember, this equipment is not yours and should be treated accordingly.

o    Drinks may be brought into the classroom at the discretion of the instructor.


·         Only “dumb” questions are allowed. You never know when the person beside you has the same question


·         Properly turn out the lights and turn off the equipment before leaving the room.




Proposed Class Schedule for 2017-18
Date Hours   Class # Students
The above schedule is subject to change depending on Instructor/student availability.  Additional classes may be held if needed.
TBA Course scheduling are dependent on Instructor scheduling  




04 June 2018