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Division Supervisor:  Lt. D. Fischer

Patrol Supervisors : Sgt. J. Statham, Sgt. C. Herreth, Sgt. B. Ruemke                              

Patrol Deputies :  Dep. J. Ebers, Dep. S. Packard,  Dep. J. Baraks, Dep. K. Brast, Dep. J. Hunter,

                                  Dep. A. Shepard, Dep. R. Leal,  Dep. B. Drake, Dep. S. Kahn, Dep. M. Brown, Dep. D. Olvera

Environmental & Livestock Control Officer :  Dep. L. Drake












For more details on the patrol responsibilities, call statistics, and Racial Profiling Data, click on the link below:

Patrol Statistics & Racial Profiling Data


Job opportunities

We currently have an opening in Patrol.  Applications from TCLEOSE licensed Peace Officers are always accepted for openings which may occur within 6 months of receipt. 

Contact Lt. David Fischer at 979-865-3111 for more information.

February 3, 2017


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03 February 2017

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