Public Information Requests

Pursuant to the Texas Open Records Act, citizens may request copies of crash and other incident reports from the Sheriff’s Office. 

If the crash or incident was handled by an agency other than the Austin County Sheriff’s Office, then please direct your inquiry to that agency.

For incidents handled by the Sheriff’s Office, please fill out the Open Records Request Form and bring it with you the the Sheriff’s Office.

Requests for statewide information

Any requests for Criminal History Information by citizens of Austin County will be handled according to the following policy of Texas DPS. 

No Criminal History Information, nor Driver’s License data will be provided to the general public by the Sheriff’s Office.

It is the policy of the Texas Department of Public Safety that an individual or their authorized representative have access to and may receive a copy of their criminal history record information (CHRI).  This policy is in compliance with V.T.C.S. Article 6252-17a, Section 3B.

The individual or their authorized representative must submit a written request for the CHRI.  If an authorized representative is the requestor, written authorization from the individual must be attached.  The following list includes all the items that must be submitted with each written request for CHRI.  Any missing item(s) will cause the request to be returned.

1. Printed name of the individual.  Include any other names used.  Order of name:  Last, First, Middle.
2. Sex
3. Race
4. Date of Birth:  Month, Day, Year.
5. A complete and legible set of fingerprints on a DPS approved fingerprint card.

NOTE:  All local police and Sheriffs offices are supplied with DPS approved fingerprint cards.  Fingerprints submitted to request access to criminal history records must be taken by a law enforcement agency.  Most agencies will provide this service.  However, it is the responsibility of the individual or their authorized representative to mail the completed card to Austin, along with the other necessary information.

6. Social Security Number
7. Return address of the individual or return address of the person the individual has authorized to receive the criminal history record.
8. Enclose cash, check, or US Money order for $17.25 per each fingerprint card.

Mail the written request and fingerprint card to:

                          Texas Department of Public Safety
                          Crime Records Service
                          P. O. Box 15999 – Austin, TX

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