Our Role in the Community

The Austin County Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency of Austin County, Texas.  Located on the west bank of the Branzos River, a one hour drive from Houston, it is mostly an agricultural and cattle raising area.  With its proximity to Houston, however, there are quite a number of residents that commute daily.

Comprised of the elected Sheriff, 51 full-time Commissioned Deputies, 12 Reserve Deputies and eleven Dispaters, the office is responsible for providing services to a county with a population of 26,903, covering an area of 656,252 square miles.

The Sheriff is also responsible for the operation of the only jail facility in the county.  With 31 Jail Officers, the Austin County Jail can house 86 inmates for pre and post trial confinement.

The Emergency Communications system for the county is also the responsibility of the Sheriff.  The county’s Emergency 911 telephone answering point is located in the Sheriff’s Office and dispatching of the Police Departments of the cities of Sealy, Bellville, Wallis and San FElipe are done from that point.  The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for dispatching all Fire and EMS units in the county.

Sheriff's of Austin County

Before Statehood After Statehood
2/6/1837 - N. Cleveland
1848-1854 - James J. Jackson
2/4/1839 - McHenry Winburn
1855 - J.T. Edwards
5/23/1840 - Jacob H. Catten
1864-1865 - Newt Cloyd
2/1/1841 - J. Harris Catten
1879 - J.V. Lewis
2/6/1843 - Benjamin S. Grayson
1896 - W.B. Glenn
2/3/1844 - Charles Railey
1897-1898 - William Palm
12/15/1845 - Asa Robinson
1918-1921 - L.L. Johnson
1921-1932 - A.J. Remmert
1932-1937 - George Koy
1937-1948 - E. Reinecker
1948-1953 - M.W. Steck
1953-1988 - Truman Maddox
1988-1996 - Vernon Brzozowski
1997-2013 - R. Dewayne Burger
2013-Present - Jack W. Brandes