Austin County Sheriff




Under Chapter 4, Title 121, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas 1925, impounded livestock will be sold at public auction

on the date posted on the Notices Of Estray, wich are published on this web site.   If you have, or know someone

who may be missing livestock, please check the ESTRAY page weekly.  No other notice will be published.


For further information about any listed estray, contact Deputy N. Hale at 979-865-3111

 Current Estrays 03/21/2017


Case #


Type of Estray

Color / Descriptors

Location from Where Estrayed

Sale Date

3/15/2017 17-03-0247 1 Cattle Blk Angus X 10-12mos #23 LE FM 2502/FM2754 04/11/17
3/20/2017 17-03-0315 1 Equine Red Male Blaze on face Crosstree Ln. Sealy 04/11/17




03/21/2017 13:37